Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Showers

Journal for Christa—

I love the summer afternoon showers in Colorado. Maybe I love them more because we’ve gone through a lengthy drought cycle and I’ve missed them. But I think I love them because they come like a refreshing draft after a hot day, whisking away the heat, with clouds breaking apart to clear blue evening skies. The showers and Jay’s diligent hands have turned the yard into a verdant haven—a place of beauty and rest.

Oh, rest my troubled soul
As cooling showers of day—
Wash away the cares of life;
Renew my foot, upon Your way.

May I sense refreshing
In Your sovereign hand—
And help me see the beauty
As no other Master can.

And when the heat of noontime
Bears down upon my breast,
May the thought of evening showers
Bring comfort, peace, and rest.

Deb Borkert ‘09

Wishing you abiding rest in His garden of grace today.

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