Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being Green

Journal for Christa—

Kermit the frog sings, “It’s not easy being green.” As little Kermit croons his ballad under a harvest moon, he isn’t talking about saving the planet; he’s talking about being different.

It’s often easy to identify women of other faiths. You can tell by how they look—what they wear, how they’ve marked themselves in some way. But for the 21st Century Christian woman, I am—quite frankly—pretty indistinguishable from the masses around me. And I’m okay with that. I don’t think I want the identifiable label to be a mere outward adornment. But, if not that, then what is there to see?

I hope there’s something more—more than just another nice lady who lives in the blue house. I hope it’s something deep within that bubbles out, something that makes me unabashedly honest in my conduct, something of strength in times of trouble, something that I can’t change, something that people do see.

I like frogs, and years ago when there were more of them around, we sometimes had a frog or two in the ponds. They were reclusive little creatures, but you could hear them croaking at night and occasionally catch a glimpse of one sunning on a lily pad. But, the natural world has not been nice to frogs; and where they were once in abundance, now it’s pretty hard to find a plain old happy bullfrog. Maybe that’s a little true for Christians as well. Maybe Kermit’s right. “It’s not easy being green.”

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