Saturday, January 2, 2010


Journal for Christa—

On Facebook the other week, Kim posted the following conversation she’d overheard between our grandchildren. Breck is 5 and very knowledgeable because he goes to kindergarten. Helen is 3.
Helen: I love my baby.
Breck: NO! You’re supposed to love God and Jesus.
Helen: NO! I love my baby!
Breck: Your baby is fake! Jesus is real.

Being a parent is probably the longest and one of the hardest jobs humans do. When children are little, you discipline and guide; when they’re teenagers, you guide and disciple; when they’re grown, you guide and support or just support. This time last year, our daugther’s mother-in-law was dying of cancer.  It was hard to know how to help her. I often found myself talking to my own mother. There in her 70s, she was parenting. Parenting never ends; it just changes, and maybe the skill is knowing how and when to change.

So, this week I’ll leave you just a couple of thoughts: Fervently love your babies, knowing that they are souls who will one day stand before God to give an account of themselves. And love the Lord; for He is real—the true source of peace for our souls and strength for our walk. Ponder His good work in your life, and take heart for the longest and sometimes hardest job that humans do.

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  1. So true - Mom helped me put into perspective today how very embarrassed I was about sounding so very awful during my solo this morning at church. Even Gary was trying to be nice when he said, "Mom, you didn't sound very good this morning." I already knew that...but Mom said, "Well, there are worse things that being embarrassed like pain, sadness, loneliness...." She is so wise. Lora