Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mindful of Us

Journal for Christa—
 The breath and presence of God swirls in and through space and time,
knowing and touching all—
From the farthest reaches of the most distant galaxy and beyond
to the infinitesimal microscopic particle,
He sees all,
Knows all,
Is mindful of all.
Then somewhere in the great in between sits man.
“And what is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

Civilizations come. Civilizations go.
People plan their wars, build their mansions, consider what great works
they have done.
And yet, it amazes me that in the midst of it all, God’s ear is bent toward my call—
a simple woman’s plea—
And what art (woman) that Thou, (Almighty God) art mindful of (her)?
And it does not matter if one woman should wash her dishes in a sink or in the river. He is mindful of us.
And it does not matter if one should place her frame in a warm bed or a tent on Haiti’s shore.
He is mindful of us.
And as we each pull up the night cover under our chins,
(not so unlike a prayer shawl of old),
He is, indeed, mindful of us.

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