Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paying Attention

Journal for Christa—

About a year ago, I wrote you about walking the greenway and looking up at Pikes Peak. Today being the first nice Saturday of the year—sunny, kind of warm, and not too breezy, I scrawled Jay a note, in case he came home while I was still gone—
“Walking the hill—TWICE”

While enjoying the view of the snow capped peak and thinking how nice this walk would be, I tripped over an uneven sidewalk slab and went sprawling. My only witness, I think, was Tina—the 6th grader from around the corner. I can only imagine what she thought, “Oh my gosh, that old lady just wiped out.” But, what she said was, “Are you okay?”

In my younger days, when I fretted more over what other people thought of me, I would have bounded to my feet instantaneously. Instead, I sat on the curb and inspected my hand, after reassuring Tina that I was quite fine.

Only being a block from home, I got up, walked back, cleaned the grit and blood from the hand that had taken the brunt of the fall, applied 2 band-aids, and walked the hill, twice—this time in a more realistic than romantic frame of mind.
We give and get all kinds of advice, but in the end, it’s probably best to simply pay attention to what we’re doing. —seems I need to work on that.

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