Friday, May 14, 2010


Journal for Christa—

It could have been a tricky situation for John the Baptist. After all, he did have his own following; but when his disciples questioned him about Jesus, he stated, “A man can receive only what is given him from Heaven.” John the Baptist knew who he, himself, was. He also knew who Jesus was—and he was good with that.

I’m not much into the competitive spirit, so being a team player generally comes fairly easy for me. Some people, though, are just born with that drive to win, regardless of what they ultimately lose. Not that I’m an expert on any sport, but I’ve listened to the frustration of coaches in the lunchroom enough to know, competition within the team generally does more harm than good. And just like any high school game, often a team just works better than one shining individual.

Children fuss among themselves; spouses can insist on their own way; mothers can even wish to be the favorite parent—all generating a competitiveness that weakens the team. John claimed that the “friend of the bridegroom” feels great joy when the bridegroom arrives. Maybe today’s a good day to ponder how we feel when someone else excels—happy, perturbed, jealous? 

I think John the Baptist was content with who he was—with what he’d been given from Heaven. After all, one could do way worse than to be the “voice crying in the wilderness”—the forerunner and announcer of the Christ.

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