Friday, July 2, 2010

Such a Creator

Journal for Christa—
(written June 17)

The world we live in is truly amazing. This morning we left the house and Molly dog in the good hands of Joy and Shane. After we checked our bags, we Skyped with Mel and the girls in Texas as we waited for our flight in Colorado. After a delay in Dallas (to fix the A/C) we boarded a plane that in just 9 hours will land us half way around the world where we’ll see Joel, Kim, and the kids for 3 weeks, roaming around Italy, taking in Germany, and hitting France a couple of times.

No wonder man thinks himself invincible—capable of all things—most divine. What would my grandparents have thought of the world we inhabit? And if it would astonish them, what of the ancestors who ventured to a new world, leaving the familiar behind to cross a sea of giant waves and trek nearly half way across America? Or people of the Middle Ages and beyond? Is it any wonder man feels so confident, a worker of wonders?

And so we stand—often blind to the reason why—giving little thought to the Source of such awesome capabilities. Is it not that we are created in the very image of God? And if all that we accomplish is wonderful, spectacular—is it not a mere shadow of its Source?

We gaze at the wonders of creation and stand amazed, yet even that too is surely only a shadow of who He is—One who knows all things at all times—One who provides salvation and whose very nature is aware of each idle thought of every soul at any moment. Does not the accomplishments of men only illustrate even more the wonder of such a God—a God who would create such a creation?

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