Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes “getting there” is no easy journey—whether it’s a job long sought after, a baby carried to full term, or a long awaited space-a flight to half way across the globe. Good things often take a little pain, sometimes a lot; but maybe that’s good. Maybe the anxiousness forces a relief and gratitude we wouldn’t experience any other way—the feeling of “Yes, we are here. We finally made it.”

And then it’s also not unusual to experience, once we’ve “gotten there,” that we’ve only stepped from one journey into another. The first two years after arriving in Colorado Springs were some of our hardest, even though we were so excited to be here.

It’s never easy to start over. Exciting? sometimes. Energizing? usually. Easy? rarely. New babies need a lot of attention, and they rarely sleep all night.

So, let’s enjoy a new baby’s preciousness. Let’s kiss the ground we’ve longed to step on, but I don’t want to let the next step discourage me. Dr. Martin used to say, “Don’t doubt in the dark what God revealed in the light.”

So, during the dark watches, let’s envision that call of acceptance, that baby’s first cry, the embrace of one so longed for. Journeys end and journeys begin. Let’s not forget those first feelings of elation. They’ll help carry us through to the morning sun.

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