Thursday, September 2, 2010

Surprised by Love

Oh, Christa—

Today, I would speak to you of love, as I have seen love unfold before my eyes this year—not the often fickle love of adolescence, but love that’s rich, deep, selfless and most fulfilling—love unlooked for. If C. S. Lewis were writing of it, he’d have called it—Surprised by Love.

Often during the dark and confusing days of last spring, my dear friend—a kindred spirit—fell in love, with all the solidity that comes with maturity and all the freshness that comes with youth.

How many Monday mornings did she lift me from my malaise with her joy—her glow, her smile, her exuberance? It’s as if love suddenly awakened something in her, and it spilled over, out, and touched us all!

It is beyond expression to watch love spring forth. It’s magic—a miracle. And, I can’t help but wonder—

Did Adam so dance with Eve through Eden’s expanse?
Did Rebecca’s heart so leap in her chest when she first saw Isaac crossing the field?
Will Christ so greet us at Heaven’s gate?

There are many facets to love—sometimes quiet, sometimes iron strong. But this day, I would focus on love in its playful form—the part that makes us laugh, the part that makes us really live, the part that makes us burst forth in joy.

Today, Christa, I would have you see love—
                                         … such love as this!

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  1. A friend of mine recently married for the first time after waiting 41 years for Mr. Right. I have so enjoyed watching her glow with excitement each day. If only we could bottle that and save it for days when we want to bop our beloved over the head with a 2 X 4.