Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcoming Change

Journal for Christa—

For some reason this year, I felt like welcoming fall. Many people look forward to the changing of the seasons. For me, though, I’ve often wished I could live in perpetual summer—some place like maybe Hawaii—

Maybe I lament the coming of fall because it’s usually so much earlier. But, here we sit with the first quarter finished with barely a frost—unbelievable. But when the recent coolness blew in over the mountains, I knew for certain—the dream is over—change is on the way.

There have been a lot of changes already—new classes, new grandbaby, but there’s still that itch—some longing—a mystery—. And, as sure as the hint of frost is in the morning air, change is on its way. It’s funny how sometimes you can just tell.

For Chris and Stef, recently, it came in the package of a new baby. (I wish I’d been there.) For Helen, it was her first day of German school (I wish I’d been there too.) For Callie it was flying a kite on her third birthday. (And again, I wish I’d been there.)

Often change scares us, like the dread of a long, cold winter. But, change can be as adventuresome as a new baby, the first day of school, or flying a kite. Does it sound like I need a change?

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  1. Yes, whether you realize it or not it's been an underlying theme in several of your posts lately. That's not a bad thing.