Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome, Fall!

Chili for supper and a cake in the oven…. Welcome, Fall! And just for the record, I don’t ever welcome fall…for can winter be far behind?
But after the driest, hottest summer I’ve ever experienced and the horribleness of the fires, even I could look out my classroom window all day and give thanks for the drizzly rain, as I passed out online instruction logins in hopes for many snowy days ahead of doing class work by the fireplace. 

Sometimes it’s just a relief to finally leave one thing behind and move on to another. It doesn’t seem to me that we should get complacent and stagnant in this world, living each day the same as the past—weary, hot, depressed.
New has a way of rejuvenating people.
Now, some things can’t and shouldn’t be changed, but even in our sameness, we could usually jazz it up a little.
Along with logins and passwords, we also went over essay writing today. Every year I hear myself say, “Look at your essay and ask, ‘Could any smart junior have written this?’ Give it some pizzazz!”
Often it’s the smallest changes that turn into big possibilities.
Sometimes, we just need a little change in perspective, like coming off a scorching summer.
So, maybe it will rain into the night and tomorrow morning—whichever—shortly,
I shall eat cake!

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