Monday, December 24, 2012


God stepped out of infinity
into the bonds of infancy--
                  to listen ,
                  to yearn,
                  to weep--

Hollow halls without the light of Heaven--
Angels hushed in bewilderment
When God became a man
                  --For 33 long years.

Years to watch humanity
                  grapple with its sin,
                                                                   buckle under pain,
                                                                  struggle with no hope.

Baby child,
                  who sees what we don’t see
                  who knows what we cannot know
                  who smiles in the face of God,

Illumines Heaven with His glory,
Fulfilling in His Story
the climax of all time--
Waiting the grand resolution
when He’ll wipe away all tears
and sweep away each fear.
•D. Borkert '99

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