Monday, February 11, 2013

Walking Away

There are those who set aside their faith and their God.

I have sauntered myself through the dusty vault of vying worldviews of doubt. But, eventually, as I wander the greenway—Nature and logic always draw me back in—back in to my Creator God. 

I wonder if as we set aside a God omnipotent, do we really desire to set aside His great adversary—that father of lies? The one who whispers in the sleepless nights the lies of our fears—the fears of failure, worthlessness, and displeasure?

So easy it is to grasp the lie and turn further and further from Truth—the truth that we are greatly loved both here and above—that success is only truly measured in eternity’s illumination—that we are valued, so highly valued, that God would stop at nothing short of sacrificing himself for us.

Yet, the sin that “so easily besets us” haunts our thoughts and musings—and speaks of lies.

And where does one go when she has walked the path of lies, tasted the Deceiver’s fruit, veiled from the Spirit’s mirror?

And how can I prevent those I love and those I teach from walking away, just walking away? Walking away from love—

I guess I can’t.

But, there is a power in prayer, and sometimes there’s green poking through a February snow. And I take it as a sign, a sign that even when one sets aside both faith and God, they are not forever lost. They are not beyond the reach of a pierced Hand stretched out in love. 

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