Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, Christa!

Dear Christa—
Sometimes thankfulness is simply an acknowledgment and realization that there is much to appreciate in life. Then, sometimes thankfulness can produce a passion—like with the Apostles and others after them—who were and are so focused on the redemption of Christ that it spurs them on to heights of deep emotions.
But, one thing in the range of thankfulness—true gratitude takes us out of ourselves—we a people who are naturally bent to look within ourselves instead of outward.
Since the time of our first parents—in that perfect garden—looked first to themselves and down through all these ages, we all have the tendency to look first within—to consider ourselves—myself—before others. I see it clearly day by day in my thoughts, my words, my actions.
And yet—that is not how Christians should be characterized. The Bible is plain—the world “will know we are Christians by our love.” Love takes our focus beyond ourselves. We are expected to love and perhaps love itself begins with a thankful heart.
So, on the days that thankfulness does not well up in us, it is right to will it into our thoughts. We are much blessed this day and everyday.
Let the focus of our hearts bend toward gratitude, for with gratitude we find ourselves becoming what we were always meant to be.
Happy Thanksgiving, Christa!

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