Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Spirit

Dear Christa—
Sometimes it’s hard to be in the Christmas spirit. I’ve heard it, I’ve read it on Face Book, I’ve felt it myself. The Christmas spirit—I wonder what that is, exactly…
Angels were singing. Wisemen were gazing at a star. Mary, like most new mothers, searched the face of a newborn child.
But, for most of the world, this day was like any other day. Rulers ruled. Workers worked. Priests—well, they did what priests do. Most people lived totally unaware that this was one of the greatest days in history.
I suppose it does have to do with awareness.
Maybe the Christmas spirit isn’t the clicking of glasses, the elation of music and presents. Maybe it isn’t even the smell of hot chocolate, the cookies, and pie. It isn’t at all what is or what isn’t under the tree. The handmade ornaments of small hands, the memories, or even the calm of late night.
Maybe it isn’t even the face of those you love best, or don’t love at all.
Just maybe the Christmas spirit is pondering the Light of the World and staring—and accepting—the Christ who touched the earth with his holy purpose. And because of his purpose, we have purpose—you and I.
Stare into his face because he’s staring at you—loving you.
Slip your heart in his and walk with him, trust in him.
It might be different from how many think of the Christmas spirit, but you will have it.
To give yourself to Jesus is the greatest day in your history.

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