Monday, October 26, 2015

From Genesis to Now: Genesis 36

Dear Christa—
From Genesis to Today: Genesis 36
It’s kind of hard to tell—at least for me—just exactly how things sized up for Jacob, Esau, and Isaac. Did they ever live close to each other? It does appear they had some connections with each other, although the accounts of their stories, for the most part, are dealt with separately.
But, we know that when Isaac is 180 years old, he dies, and these 2 brothers bury him. Then in chapter 36 the account of Esau is given.
He may not have produced the Promised Child or inherited the promised land, but Esau still became a great nation, the nation of Edom, who dwelt in the hill country of Seir. In the end God had blessed them both. Isaac had said in his blessing to Esau that he would eventually throw off the yoke his brother had on him. Jacob may have stolen the blessing, but it seems Esau had cared little for the promise that had been sent from God.
The things that often seem to disturb us the most often have a way of eventually sliding into the background and becoming insignificant. Also, Esau wasn’t the one chosen by God to inherit the blessing from God, so we shouldn’t be surprised that it wasn’t valued by him. He also doesn’t appear to have any problem with picking up and moving away. Esau’s only regret seems to have come with the realization that his choice of wives were a source of heartache for his parents. And it’s kind of hard to know who was to blame for that, probably both Esau and his parents.
And as for Rebekah, their mother, nothing is said of her. Apparently she died sometime while Jacob was away. It’s kind of interesting that the death of Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse, is mentioned and Rebekah’s death is not. Maybe that shows that prestige means little after all; maybe it was just timing. I guess it didn’t matter enough to deal with.
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