Sunday, December 11, 2016


December 9, 2016
Dear Christa—

But Mary treasured up all these things
and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2:19)

Maybe Mary had time to ponder—while nursing a baby, while grinding grain for their bread, while washing clothes.
In many ways technology has stolen the natural rhythm of life—the mundane tasks in which one would ponder.
We don’t do much pondering these days. —texting, rushing kids from one activity to the next, throwing meals on the table and clearing them off—
For many of us, the main thing we look deeply into is the “to do” list that sits ever present, nearly always at the touch of our fingertips. Really?
Sometimes, I wonder what is wrong with us? What is wrong with me?
And, all that lack of pondering can be an avenue to get all worked up. Are we as a people not angrier than we’ve ever been? I’m afraid 21st Century life has not made us a better people. For many it’s a life in which it’s easy to forget to live.
Perhaps, Luke 2:19 is for us.
Mary treasured the shepherds, the angels, Joseph, and this Child. The wonderful thing about pondering is that we don’t have to come to a conclusion. We don’t have to act on anything. We simply need to treasure—to be grateful.
What better time than now to ponder on this Child—Jesus.
Mary did not and could not know the future. I’m sure she wondered what would become of Him. What would become of them?
Christa, I hope you find time—make time—to breathe—to treasure the wonders of God’s work in you—to ponder the blessings of His hand.
God in the flesh—could that really be? I’m sure Mary had many questions, yet she gathered up these events of birth, angels, and shepherds; and she treasured them.
Should we not do the same?
—the parishioner who doesn’t do anything

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