Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Thoughts

Easter 2017

Dear Christa—
I don’t understand how God is three in one, but He is. And, I don’t understand how a part of God could die while the rest lived, but He did.
When Jesus died, the heavens grew dark; the earth trembled. The Temple veil ripped from top to bottom and the barrier between this world and the next seems to have given way as dead souls rose right out of their graves. It must have been a terrible sight to behold.
Nietzsche stated, “God is dead.”
He was wrong.
If God were dead, the stars would fall out of the sky; the earth would heave and the rocks would fall on us. For God alone knits the universes together. He is the Creator. He is the sustainer. He is God.
We can be sure that God is alive today as much as we anticipate the sun coming up.
What kind of God could die and rise up?
It is a power we cannot understand. It is the power of God.
Because God is alive, we can eat, breathe, and conduct our business.
We can love, pray, and know that He attends to the world and to us.
Jesus God is alive.
Therefore, we can be alive also.

—the parishioner who doesn’t do anything

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