Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Journal for Christa— (from June 22, 2009)

Didn’t C. S. Lewis say, “Once a Narnian, always a Narnian”? I think you might be able to take the kid out of Colorado, but you just can’t take Colorado out of the kid. Two of our children and their families are coming to Colorado this week. They are so excited, and Colorado never disappoints—unless you happen to arrive during an early or late season blizzard. They’re always so excited to come home to Colorado.

When we lived in Tennessee and would come here to visit Jay’s parents, Jay spent the last two or three days dreading going back. Dan, Jay’s brother, reminded me of him last week as we were up at their cabin doing some maintenance. He kept gazing out the window at the most picturesque scene of the Rockies, willing his mind to set the view permanently for the return trip to South Carolina.

When Melody went to JBU, it only took her 6 short weeks to establish her new college persona as a Colorado mountain woman. Having two older brothers already there probably helped. That fall break, she returned home with a passel of friends from northwest Arkansas and announced that they would camp up at The Craigs on the back side of Pikes Peak. We had planned to take a personal day from school and offered to join them with the camper. Oh no, they would camp in tents—in October, with not much more than light jackets on their backs. When we arrived the next morning to hike The Craigs with them, they were freezing around a small fire and gulping down hot chocolate. In the middle of the night, tents had been abandoned for cars. But in true Colorado fashion, it was hot by midday, and we were looking over vistas too awesome to describe.

Tomorrow Mel will once again return to Colorado, this time with husband Nate and two babies. Later today Chris will arrive with his family. We are all curious how the cousins will interact with each other. We plan to spend a few days at the cabin: fishing, hiking, shooting skeet, eating, laughing, and setting those mountains permanently in our minds, which will beckon them home over and over again.

Once a Coloradoan, always a Coloradoan.

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