Monday, December 13, 2010

The Godly Girls

Journal for Christa—

Tomorrow is “Tasty Tuesday.” That's what the Godly Girls (aka: The Making of a Godly Woman class) decided to call our end of the semester party. It’s our last regular class period before the final final, literally—right before Christmas break on Friday.

Someone suggested we invite the godly men, but we nixed that right away. It crossed my mind to invite our guest speakers we enjoyed, but in the end—it seemed right to share a meal together, just ourselves.

So, I took in the sparkling cider today to stick in the refrigerator before I left. And, if someone forgets to bring something tomorrow, it won’t matter—we’ll make do. As that’s kind of how we’ve often stumbled through this semester—girls sometimes seeking what they knew not—with a teacher often at a loss in so many ways. Some days were boring; some ran smoothly, and some days God showed up. Those were the best.

Tomorrow, we’ll spread a tablecloth over desks we’ve shoved together, slap paper plates on silver chargers, and dine on lasagna and enchiladas with plastic utensils and cloth napkins. It’ll be kind of eclectic—kind of like our class—kind of like life.

I hope the girls have decided that godly women come in all shapes and sizes. That they all have gifts unique to each individual—gifts to honor God and to encourage each other along life’s way. I pray they’ll value God’s word all their days—that they’ll always remember the ear of God is only a prayer away—

As for me, I’ve gained a new appreciation for those who attempt to teach us what it is to be godly. The task is far harder than any English class I’ve ever taught, because it’s far more important than writing a good paper.

There’s something wonderful about eating with people. So often it’s where we laugh, where we share, where we love. So tomorrow, I’ll sport a skirt and arrive laden with silver chargers and cloth napkins in glass rings. And, we will party—the godly girls and me.

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  1. Party on! I had a gathering last night with girlfriends, and in the middle of the evening I had a moment when I sat back and said a quiet thank you prayer for the blessing of the godly women that surrounded me. Amen.