Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reflecting Today

Journal for Christa—

When our kids were little, I never thought life would ever change. Each day was a seamless continuation into the next, and often I was just weary. But, we weren’t far into April when I knew that change would be a theme this year, at least for me. And as the year comes shortly to a close, I’m reflecting on some of the changes in me—and the people I love:

My friend of over 20 years fell in love with her soul mate. (Some things in life are worth waiting for.)
Joel and Kim’s Germany assignment took us to Europe for 3 weeks last summer. (Some things in the world are just fun.)
Joy is pregnant. (Sometimes God answers our deepest prayers.)
Friends have found new jobs. (Sometimes good comes out of pain.)
We got a new grandbaby! (Some things you just can’t get enough of.)
I’ve taught a Bible class for girls. (Sometimes God uses you in spite of yourself.)
I think I’m finally starting to quit just learning about God and starting to listen to Him. (Sometimes wisdom does come with age.)

And then for the things in life that haven’t changed:
—a God who’s always good, even when we don’t understand Him
—a family, which I love and loves me back
—seeing you, often from a distance
—and Jay, a dance partner who’s never let me fall

I hope you can find a little time to reflect back on your life this year as well. Christmas is coming—when God changed the whole world forever.