Thursday, January 6, 2011


Journal for Christa—

What will a new year hold?
New adventures, new family members, new decisions--
I guess that’s why it's New Year's
...a time to wrap away some of the past,
to peer into a new reflection pool,
to lift our hands in joy and dance to a new song.
What will this year hold? 
Somehow, I think it will be good. 
(Borkert ’11)

We often focus on goals, outcomes, and ending strong. Endings are important, but when a classic author opens his or her story, there’s usually some little nugget, some obscure, unnoticed comment at the beginning that suddenly becomes very relevant later on. Such is the narrative of the raising of Lazarus in John 11.

It’s easy to envision Jesus lifting His hands and calling forth a Lazarus from the tomb, 4 days dead. But in the beginning, where the sisters send word to Jesus—now, there’s the nugget—the element that makes the climax all the more glorious.  As John tells us the story, he tucks in this little fact: “Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.”

Jesus loved them. Did he wait two days to leave? Yes, He did. Did He cause stress and hurt in their lives? Yes, yes, He surely did. But, Jesus loved them.

I want to start this year knowing that Jesus loves me. There will be waiting. There will be pain. But, He loves me.

Pay attention to beginnings. Happy New Year, Christa.

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