Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why It's Yellow

Journal for Christa—
“Yellow! Yellow? You painted it yellow?”
stated my sister as she peered through the window from the front porch.
“Yes, I painted it yellow.”
A couple of summers ago, we purchased a larger TV and moved the family room downstairs. That kind of left this room on the main floor undefined. For awhile I called it the all-purpose room.
One Thanksgiving I put long tables down the center and served dinner in here. This Christmas it housed the live Christmas tree with all the presents under it, and it became a family room once more. On occasion we’ve pushed back the sparse furnishings and practiced our dance steps in it, but the carpeting really makes that impractical.
This winter I put most of the outdoor furniture in it. And in the summer I move a lone chair close to the sliding glass door where I can see the upper pond when I write.
Even after a year and a half, I guess it’s a room that hasn’t quite found its identity. Jay calls it a room without a purpose. But, I believe in this room. Some day this room is going to be just perfect! I don’t know what it’s going to be yet, but I know that someday I’m going to really like it—and that’s why I painted it yellow.

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  1. She needs to come to my house. 80% of the walls in our home are yellow. And I love it. I find the idea of a spare room that evolves WITH you an intriguing idea.