Thursday, April 7, 2011

The End Shall Be Like the Beginning

Journal for Christa—
I find it interesting that in the Bible the end times are compared to a “woman in travail” (KJV, 1 Thes. 5:3). I kind of like the word “travail.” It just seems more descriptive than simply—being in labor. The reason I find the metaphor intriguing is because way back—at the very beginning of humankind’s mess—we find Eve—Eve, standing there guilty before her Creator and God. And after God listens to her petty excuse, He doles out two punishments, one of which is “I’ll greatly increase your pains in childbearing.”
The end times is a little like “going full circle.” It reflects back to the judgment at the beginning, but ending once and for all the fallen state of all creation.
Now, modern medicine has come a long way in lessening that first pain, but it will not be so at the end of time. All creation will groan in travail—and there will be no relief—no relief until it is all over, and at the end there will be a new beginning—with all the joy of a new birth.
God is writing His story, and when He closes it, He will bring it back to the beginning. I’m glad that he wrote in a place for women—not just Eve, but each of us. God’s last judgment may mirror His first, but it will be different. In the end everything will be perfect.

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