Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Have a One-person Kitchen

I have a one-person kitchen. Most of the time this works out just fine. But, let’s admit it: Sometimes couples just get in the way of each other. Sunday morning was such a day. Since we were going to the late church service, there were several things we wanted to get done beforehand.
While Jay was out spraying the fruit trees and power washing the deck, I was putting together a potato salad for dinner and trying out a new gluten free coleslaw recipe I needed for the 4th. Everything was working well until—I got to the last ingredient, dill, and realized it’d just been sprayed with poison, as it’s planted close to the plum tree. I had known I needed dill; I had known Jay was spraying trees that morning. I just didn’t think of getting the dill until I needed it. Oh, well, I had to run to Safeway for the celery seed that I didn’t seem to have for the potato salad either.
About the time I was cleaning things up, Jay came in to make coffee. He’d had a sample of iced coffee the day before and decided he’d make the coffee ahead of time so it could refrigerate while we were at church. The only problem was that the coffee maker is located on the counter above the dishwasher I was loading. Silently, we stretched around each other, Jay reaching for the coffee pot and me ducking under his arms. “This isn’t working,” I thought. I sled the washer door shut and went upstairs to get ready for church. (Dishwashers can be loaded later.)
As I was finishing, Jay came up to brush his teeth. (Thankfully, we have a two-person bathroom.) “I’m running to Safeway. You need anything?” “Whip cream,” he said. “Whipping cream like you whip up?” “No, the kind in the can you squirt.” “Gotch ya covered.”
Sometimes it’s best to just get out of the way, especially in a one-person kitchen.

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