Thursday, June 30, 2011

Passing Thoughts

Journal for Christa—
It doesn’t take much to jump out of my rut while on vacation. I exercise less, eat more junk, and am less than consistent in my Bible study. But, getting out of the routine is good too: no schedules, no housework, just focusing on and enjoying the people I’m with.
On the trip back west, I usually pick up the driving at Salina, Kansas. Just west of Salina is a huge wind farm. Some of the giant windmills are right up next to the road, and they look pretty cool. Yesterday, they reminded me of Don Quixote.  If he had been caught up by one of these windmills, wouldn’t he have gotten a surprise? And, I wondered how often I’m like Don Quixote, fighting foes that are not there and seeing beauty that’s really not there either. Oh well, it was just a passing thought.
Today it’s time to get back into my summer routine, at least for a couple of weeks. It’s time to put away the vacation stuff, do laundry, and weed around my tiny vegetable garden. It’s time to pick up where I’d left off in Ecclesiastics and stop by the farmers’ market for some healthy fare.
There’s not much else to say...other than:  Let the diet begin!

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