Thursday, January 19, 2012

It Is What It Is

Some days you just need to know when to stop. Today was one of those days. When Jay said, “I need to get there on time today because I was late to my last meeting,” it didn’t seem like a big deal until I asked him what time it was. Then it was a big deal.
With one side of my hair rolled, I realized it all wasn’t going to happen in 2 minutes. Some days demand a new plan, an adjustment. I did, however, have time to grab the mascara, blush, hair spray and curling iron—and a scarf—to stuff in my lunch bag. Hence, getting ready for school at school became plan B. It wasn’t exactly how I’d anticipated going this morning, but it worked. Often we must make adjustments in life.
The world today tells us to take control. But, for the Christian control is a fraud; for the world, it’s a deception. I have a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. And after the chemo, there will be surgery; after surgery, radiation; and after that, more medication. As we were talking last week, there were several times she said, “It is what it is.” So often that is true.
We wish for something a little different (or a lot different), but it just isn’t. “It is what it is.” So, we do what we must; we adjust. Sometimes, it’s as petty as throwing a curling iron in a bag. Sometimes it’s going to the next chemo session.
Sometimes, we just need to stop, adjust, and walk. One thing that helps is knowing we aren’t alone.
We do not walk alone;
We travel hand in hand.
We do not walk alone
Amidst a troubled land.
So when the skies grow cloudy,
And hard to search your way,
Remember that I love you—
And praying— come what may.
We do not walk alone.

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