Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Days I Love My Job

Some days, I really love my job—and often for the craziest reasons. Today as I stood in the midst of the library, surrounded by students digging into research databases on the computers, the main printer not working, and kids seeking help with one thing after another—mainly how to connect to the printer in the lab next door—I stood in the center of such chaos that seemed so right to me and thought, Some days I love this job.
To most onlookers, it might have appeared like a mess, but not to me. And, to be honest, I sometimes get a rush from apparent bedlam. One of my favorite movie scenes is in While You Were Sleeping, where the actors sit around a dinner table eating and carrying on at least two separate conversations at once. It always reminds me of when all our kids were home, and when they return now with spouses and grandkids in tow.
I love it because it’s focused pandemonium, and it’s people connecting in random points to seek, to help, to learn.
It’s kind of like a crazy orchestra, wildly playing, or crickets all chirping at once or a young mom with a handful of kids, shuffling a menagerie of spontaneous disasters in calm, rhythmic sequence.
How often does the world just look and sound out of control? Yet, it is not.
Some days, all that energy makes me tired, but other days it makes me want to laugh. Today was one of those days.
Some days, I love my job.

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