Thursday, February 23, 2012

God Is There

In the darkness and the void,
God is there; God is there.
Nations tremble, empty hearted,
In despair, in despair.

Haunted voices, lonely faces,
Searching, searching, unaware.
Will they find him? Do they know Him?
Do we care--to help them hear?

In the darkness of the waters,
Life is stirring; life is stirring;
In the silence, no one sees Him
But He’s there; yes, He’s there.

Haunted voices, lonely faces,
Weighted down with worldly care—
In the shadow, always present,
He is there; He is there.

In the darkness of the silence—
In the void, trembling blindness,
Be aware,
God is there.

And at the end of our greatest fear—
we shall find God.

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