Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Somehow Shannon and I ended up on a walking team. It came in an email: “You and I are on a walking team with Michael and Shannon… We’ll pick up our pedometers in the HR office….” (Well, at least I got an email.)
Then commenced our 10,000 steps a day. As Shannon and I pass each other in the hall, we check our pedometers—no leaning over the counter to chat when I have a class in the library nowadays. We march around from student to student whether they want our help or not.
Some days are good, and we glide along under a warm, sunny sky. Some days are stinky and some so down right discouraging—like the day I realized my pedometer wasn’t counting all my steps. Some days I’ve been so desperate for those last few steps, I’ve clipped the pedometer to my underwear after I’ve gotten undressed, just not to lose the few steps from the bed to the toilet.
Walking 10,000 steps makes you “moderately active" and less likely to have a host of maladies in the future. (Yay for us.)
I actually like to walk. (I think I liked it better before I started counting.) Walking is kind of like life, and some days just have to be pushed through. One thing is certain—we can’t change the steps we walked yesterday. As much as I might wish I’d done another 1,000, I did what I did.
But today—today is a day I can walk farther along. And to what drum will I step to this day? I pray it’s the beat of Truth.

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