Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thoughts on a Cold Day in June

Dear Christa—
This morning I saw God in the low hanging gray clouds. As I walk, I see planes heading up into those clouds, and I wonder—I wonder where are they going—people in planes? I love to travel and sit in airports because they’re taking me to places I want to go.
On this coldish June day, I knew those in the air couldn’t see beyond the clouds any more than I could see the foothills, much less Pikes Peak. Yet, they are going somewhere out there.
Where am I going this day, this year, this life? Maybe those are old woman thoughts. But, I think I thought them just the same in a house full of children and everything totally undone.
Sometimes, where we’re headed is shrouded, like gray clouds hugging the ground. And that’s okay. It’s okay because we’ll get there whether or not we have a visual of the distance.
Today—a cold day in June—is a good day. It’s a day to help Jay place paver stones in the front yard. It’s a day to drink hot tea. It’s a day to remember that we travel together, even in the low clouds.

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