Thursday, June 6, 2013

We're a Team

We’re a team—Jay and I. It’s kind of like dancing. Sometimes we’re a good team; sometimes we aren’t. Today was an example of the latter. It happened when we were dropping a very heavy saw.
On Saturday our “goddaughter” is getting married. Brianna and Austin will have to learn how it is to be a team. Being a team takes a long time. I doubt when any couple is standing before the pastor in the white dress and tuxedo they think about the days they’ll be a bad team, but they come.
Sometimes being a bad team happens because of some outside source. For us today, it was a Colorado summer thunderstorm. That’s why we were moving the saw; we were trying to get it out of the rain. (Did I mention it was a very heavy saw?)
Colorado thundershowers are not long. So, when it was over, Jay went back to cutting stones with the saw, and I got a ladder and wiped down the outside of the windows that I’d just finished cleaning before the shower.
After a while, I went out to see how the stone laying was going. Jay said, “How’s your leg?” “Oh, it’s fine,” I replied. “The ice took the swelling down.” “I’m sorry,” he said. “That’s okay; a smarter person might have gotten out of the way.”
(Remember, I said it was a heavy saw.)
And yet, sometimes the very thing that makes for a bad team can cause some really good things. It had whisked away the heat of the day, making the evening lovely and cool, just the way we like it. I also peeked into Jay’s new rain barrel, and it’s half full. It makes one feel rather powerful to have a half a barrel of rainwater to use any way he likes in 72 hours. (72 hours, that’s the rule in Colorado).
I don’t know if there’ll be dancing or not at Brianna and Austin’s wedding, but I’ll toss our dancing shoes in just in case. (I think I’ll be wearing black leggings to cover that mishap on my leg.)
We never know what kind of dancers we’ll be. Sometimes we’re good, and sometimes we aren’t. Either way we try to make things work because we’re a team. We usually have fun when we’re dancing whether it's good or bad.
On Saturday Brianna and Austin will start their team journey. Some days will be good, and some days…not so much. But, I wouldn’t advise them to go moving any saws out of the rain for a while.

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