Sunday, November 2, 2014

From Genesis to Now: God's Story

One of the things I love about teaching literature is to communicate that the essence of story is a reflection of THE story.
It doesn’t really matter which culture, which historical time period, from what worldview is underlying—the creative elements of story are a reflection of God’s plan—HIS story that He designed in eternity past and through the creation of time, is playing out on the pages of the solar systems.
And, no choice that we make will change that story. In the outcome, there are purpose and design in every smart and stupid thing that we do.
And so, we see that in the lives of Abraham and Sarah.
When Abram lied about Sarai, (Remember, this was before the name changes), Pharaoh rebuked him and sent him on his way.
As for Sarah, when she was 90 years old, God allowed her to conceive and Isaac was born—the child of promise.
Isn’t it a great comfort to know that God is writing this story? —the greatest novel ever penned. We get to be characters in that story—characters who think, decide, and act.
What a crazy, wild way to create!
And, at the end of each chapter, it all turns out just the way the Author had determined. How is that for creativity!
Novels don’t write themselves and neither is this one. That’s a hook you can hang your hat on. That’s a lifeline to carry us through the hard times—and the good.

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