Thursday, November 12, 2015

From Genesis to Now: Genesis 39

Dear Christa—

Some people are born leaders, and it seems that wherever they land, it isn’t long before they are in charge. So it was with Joseph. He may have been a slave, but he was an important one.
Yet, he is in a precarious position. His masters may have put him in charge, but if the hand of God’s blessing were to withdraw from him, he’d have been in a real mess.
If there is one striking thing about Joseph, I think, it’s his faith. Joseph had had dreams of rising to the top, and he believed them. He was confident they were from God and that they’d come true. Where did this guy come from? Who’d so influenced him in the dysfunctional household of Jacob that he had such faith? No one knows.
Somehow, in the midst of persecution and hardship, Joseph was confident that God would fulfill the dreams. And, he maintains that confidence and faith for a lot of years. Oh, he probably had his days—Potiphar’s wife, the dungeon, the cupbearer’s forgetfulness. He was human after all.
But, through all the years, Joseph possesses an abiding trust in God—a belief that God would stay true to him just as He had his father—far from the land that was promised.
—the parishioner who doesn’t do anything

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