Thursday, November 26, 2015

Genesis 41

Dear Christa—
From Genesis to Now: Genesis 41
Joseph appears to have been an impetuous, smug young man. He was spoiled by his parents. He flouted his dreams before his brothers. He appears to have worn his fancy coat with pride.
If Joseph was an immature and tactless youth, he was no longer. Hardship has a way of bringing us down to size and dependent on God.
In Potiphar’s’ house, Joseph learned respect. In prison he learned humility. And all the while Joseph trusted in God. He’d observed duplicity all around him, and he chose the opposite. Joseph chose to trust in God—the God who sent him dreams and the interpretation of dreams.
Joseph’s mother died when his brother was born. Obviously, his aunt (Leah) was not nurturing toward him. His half-brothers did not love him.
Joseph surely spent a lot of time alone as a child. And, when people are alone, they often find God. Joseph, surrounded by relatives, was basically alone in so many ways. Instead of sulking, he developed a hard and fast relationship with God.
A great working of God would fall on Joseph, and he would receive a double blessing. I think Joseph knew early that in spite of his situation, God had great things for him. He believed it when he was young, and he believes it still. But, things are different now. Now as he stands before Pharaoh, he has maturity, people skills, along with a solid, open faith in the one, true God.
And, regardless of his circumstances, he puts his destiny in the hands of God.
—the parishioner who doesn’t do anything

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