Friday, February 26, 2016

Coming Home

Dear Christa—
Coming Home
Shortly, Joy, Shane, and his mom will load up the cars, pick up the dog, and set their direction toward Colorado. After two years in the Northwest, they are coming home. In many ways, it seems to me, it has been a difficult time. They’ve moved 5 times. One house caught fire once and flooded twice, all within a few months’ time.
When they left, my mom was here, and she was downcast, feeling that she would never see them again. It wasn’t so. She came to Colorado the last 2 summers when they were visiting. Their leaving and coming were both quick opportunities, which shows that circumstances, good and bad, can change in a moment—when we least look for them. 
Many good things happened too, and I think they will look on their days in Seattle with many fond memories. Yet, there are good expectations about coming home: a new job, living near family and old friends, waking to sunny skies—
Since they will stay with us until they find a house, we’ve been preparing. The bedrooms are ready. A shiny new, sturdy gate is installed. By tomorrow the cleaning supplies under the sink will have found a new storage home. Even the geriatric Molly dog is going to the groomers for a bath.
I am reminded that life can change for us on a pivot—a mere bending of God’s design. It should cause us to take heart when we find ourselves under cloudy skies as tears of rain wash over and through us. In a twinkling—in a phone call or text, in the smile of a friend—a whole new (or somewhat old) door can open before us. And sometimes, it’s like coming home.
One day, 
too, the door will open to a spiritual entrance—into the very throne of God. There we will put aside the good and the bad of the past. We will walk to a place that has been especially prepared for us. 
We will turn around and take in all the wonder. 
And we will know—
We’re home.

—the parishioner who doesn’t do anything

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