Thursday, February 10, 2011


Journal for Christa—
Jay says people who love each other have fun together. It’s so easy as life bears down on us to forget about fun—and what fun is.
I remember when Jay and I first started dancing, years ago. We were practicing one summer night when Chris barreled down the stairs. He stopped midway and commented, “Eric’s right. When you go to college, your parents get a life.”
What he didn’t know then, but he’s learning now, is that “life” or fun takes on a variety of faces.
I have a theory about fun—If you don’t have fun at home, you aren’t likely to have fun in Paris. And, if you can’t have fun at MacDonald’s, you probably won’t have much fun at the Broadmoor either.
Real fun happens in the everyday. It’s laughing about what kids say and do at school. It’s raising your eyebrows at each other as you sit through a piano recital. It’s popcorn and milkshakes after the kids are in bed.
Real fun doesn’t have to be something special, but real fun is special.
This Saturday we’ll go to the Valentine’s dance. We’ll likely botch our new Rumba pattern at least once, dip fruit in the chocolate fountain, and eat way too much junk.
It will be fun.


  1. Hope you had fun. I sometimes look at other couples and wonder when they quit having fun together. Such a shame when that happens.

  2. the parishioner who doesn't do anythingFebruary 13, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    We had a blast, and you will too. Can't wait to see your pictures!