Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Is Love?

Journal for Christa—
What is love?
Is it running under an arch of sparklers on a cold December night…or inviting an entire town to your party by the lake? Maybe it’s strolling through a garden, or taking pictures downtown on a rainy day—
Yes, that is love’s beginning.
What is love?
Is it getting in the shower each morning and doing a good job at work? Maybe it’s sleepless nights, lectures, and on occasion, discipline too.
That is love’s consistency.
What is love?
Is it sitting through the blackest night and never letting go? Maybe it’s misunderstandings and sorrys—enough for a lifetime.
That is love’s strength.
What is love?
Is it finding satisfaction in another’s dream and realizing it was your dream too? Maybe it’s growing old together and not missing youth.
And knowing for sure what love is.

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