Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the Rifts of Life

Journal for Christa—
Sometimes you just have to say no. There isn’t anything wrong with saying no, but no doesn’t have to be ugly—but no often is. I was reminded of that this weekend because of—let’s just say—a less than becoming attitude of mine last Friday, which I knew required an apology on my part first thing Monday morning.
Disagreements and fallouts are a part of life—they just are. And sometimes they’re never quite patched back up. But they should be—at least as much as we can make them so.
In the Bible even Paul and Barnabus got into such a tiff that they just went their separate ways. However, from Paul’s writings later, it appears that at some point they had made amends. And so should we.
It’s one thing to apologize for a nasty reaction, but when the hurt is deep, now that’s tough. And maybe things won’t ever be the way they were, but shouldn’t we at least reach out?
Or, maybe, someone’s reached back out to you, and you’re hesitating, not really knowing what to do. I have a girl like that in class this semester. She really is just afraid—afraid of getting hurt again.
Either way, when the ball’s in my court, I hope I don’t hold it too long.

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