Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taking Pause

Journal for Christa—
Most disasters, from our personal ones to global affairs, are of our own doing—the result of depravity to simple foolishness.
But, when I consider the moving plates that bear up earth and ocean alike and the sheer force of elements far stronger than you, me, and us—I must face our utter lack of control.
This week’s devastation of Japan’s coast—a half a world away—forces us all to pause. We forget each day how volatile every step we take. We are reminded of J. R. R. Tolkien’s warning of the “dangerous business going out your front door.”
Yet, we do…get up each day and venture forth to do our work in this wide world. Some are molders and shakers of great armies. Some of us only mold Jello and shake up the plans of a toddler’s conniving—yet all believe the risks have purpose—that in the face of odds, each day is worth the pursuing.
Of all the images I’ve seen on TV this week, one of the most poignant is of an older couple, in the throes of chaos and destruction, shoveling out muck around their business door—to take up life once more.
Why? Why would one bother? Some dismiss it as the human spirit—that drive that just grits and goes on in spite of it all. But, I think it’s more—something at the very core of our being.
I think, it’s love.

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  1. Many times in recent days while watching the events in Japan unfold, I've thought about how quickly life can change for each of us. An earthquake, a devastating car accident, a carjacking. It's downright scary to think about it, but to me, failing to seek life is much scarier. Good post.