Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Of Colds and Babies

Journal for Christa—
There are some things you don’t even want to share with your spouse. Currently, #1 on my list is Jay’s summer cold. Being a science type, he told me once how many billions of bacteria are passed with a kiss. I don’t remember the exact amount, but it left a distinct impression that it’s a lot. Seriously, when you’re talking billions, does it really matter whether it’s 3, 4, or 5?
I haven’t been totally unsympathetic. I’ve made him a few cups of hot Russian tea—well, really just one. But, I do keep asking if he has taken his immune building vitamin D, suggesting an afternoon nap, and setting a DanActive in front of him everyday.
We need to get healthy, as Grandbaby #9 is due any day. He’s waiting for me to finish his quilt. The earliest I seem to get these projects done is minutes before the “time.” When William was born, I sat in the hall where there was good light. And after I crocheted the last stitch, I cut the yarn and said to myself, “It is time” and entered Joy’s room with instructions to push. (That actually is the truth.)
In a couple of hours I’ll sew the last stitch in this baby’s quilt, spray the blood stains where I’ve pricked my fingers, and toss it in with the light clothes of laundry. Then, it will be time—time for Mel and Nate to place another jewel in our basket of joys.
Oh, and this garlic I’m wearing around my neck? —it has nothing to do with Jay.

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