Thursday, June 9, 2011


Journal for Christa—
Molly dog is old—nearly 12 ½, which definitely puts her into the dog geriatric category. Molly’s world has changed significantly lately. She has lost nearly all her hearing. It has been going for some time, but I think she knew something had changed during the spring research grading months, when she quit barking at the door to go out and started barking where she could see me at the computer and the door at the same time. And because of her persistence, I often wonder if she thinks I’m the one who’s deaf. Being deaf has made some things more difficult for Molly—like not being fully aware of my movements when she’s underfoot when I’m grating cheese.
Sometimes I think it’s easy for people—or me at least—to be like Molly when it comes to the spiritual realm. There are so many things I simply don’t perceive. And sometimes when God moves around in my world, it scares me because I didn’t hear His coming.
Jay and I are trying to teach Molly sign language—nothing elaborate—just “come” and “stay.” We figure if we can accomplish that with her, it’ll be good enough. I wonder how often the Lord has thought the same about me—

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