Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to rest.
We’ve been going 90 to nothing since before school let out. What I anticipated as a more relaxing summer turned into a whirlwind from the hailstorm the day after the house was painted to the visit of 7 grandchildren, ages 4 and under, the absolute unbelief of the fire devastation across town, a visit from college friends, and a trip to the Midwest to see my mom who has had a difficult time recovering from pneumonia.
Today is the 4th of July, a day normally spent preparing food and anticipating a variety of activities. But, this morning I felt achy and queasy. Mom slept in her chair, my sister had the kitchen under control, and Jay worked on updating his curriculum for his publisher, and I slipped back into bed and slept.
Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to rest.
Our son returns home from Germany tomorrow. He hasn’t been back to the homeland he works to secure for 2 years. Many wonderful and terrible things have taken place in those two years. Life has a way of bringing us both. So, Jay has spent much of the last 2 days searching for a peaceful place for us to stay in the mountains, reflecting on the beauty of the Colorado he calls home and the God who is always present.
Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to rest.
There’s something wonderful and comforting about going home. I see it in my children’s eyes as they and their families tumble out of road weary vehicles. I feel it when I rest my eyes on an Illinois cornfield.

Today will be a low key 4th and when it cools, I’ll walk along the road.

My voice teacher in college used to say, “Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap.” She was right.

And, sometimes the best way to celebrate is to rest.

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